LA Wall Art Hot Spots

A lot of my followers have been asking where some of the wall art is that I’ve posted on my Instagram (@courtneyyquinn) so I thought I would make a post sharing my favorite street art and their whereabouts in LA! Despite my friends who say I post too many wall pics (Ahem. You know who you are), everybody could use a good wall pic. I mean, what can I say. They’re my specialty! Continue reading “LA Wall Art Hot Spots”

Movie Night: Me Before You

GUYS. Today I finished the book Me Before You (great summer read) and I convinced my whole family to come see the movie with me and it was SO GOOD! I’ll even admit that a few tears were shed. The acting was amazing; I fell in love with the main characters and the chemistry between them. I recommend that everyone see the movie and also check out the fabulous sound track! The link to it is below.

Seriously. Go see it.

Favorite SoCal Hiking Trails

There’s nothing better than an afternoon hike with the family, especially on a beautiful summer day. Yesterday my parents and I went to Griffith Park to get some exercise while enjoying the breathtaking views the park has to offer. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise because you get to be in nature and soak up some of that vitamin D. Plus, it’s the perfect activity to do with friends! Make sure to bring lots of water, because Southern California gets super hot during the day! Here are some of my favorite hikes that I suggest doing before the summer is over:

Continue reading “Favorite SoCal Hiking Trails”